Coffee Bean Roasting – Process of Adding Flavor to the Coffee


The Coffee Bean Roasting is a process wherein the chemical and physical characteristics of the green coffee beans are transformed into the coffee products. Roasting is a heating process used to bring out the aroma and a flavor from the green coffee beans. The coffee is stored as green, as this state helps in preserving the freshness, quality and taste of coffee.

The green bean is characterized by high levels of acids, proteins, sugar and caffeine. Physically, it is soft and spongy and smells like a grass. The coffee bean roasting involves a chemical process that brings a flavor to the coffee by changing the taste and properties of green coffee bean. The chemical changes are involved in this process because the beans are rapidly brought to the high temperatures and are cooled down immediately to finish the process. The coffee bean roasting is process that follows coffee processing and precedes coffee brewing. It essentially involves sorting, roasting, cooling and packaging. However, the larger roasting firms can also include grinding and for anysize order will also provide coffee machine rental perth and a great commercial provider is

Scoop of roasted coffee with green coffee beans

Once the roasting is complete, the beans smells like coffee and weigh less as the moisture has been roasted out. These roasted beans are crunchy and ready to be grounded or brewed. It is to be noted, that once the green coffee beans are roasted must be consumed quickly as its freshness starts deteriorating soon. The coffee bean roasting is both an art and science as it involves several years of training for one to become and expert roaster. An efficient roaster is one who can read the beans and take decisions with a flick of seconds. Many roasters have a unique name favored for their roast. Since, there is very little or no industry standardization, you might get confuse with the type of roasts you are buying. Thus, in order to avoid such confusion the roasts can be categorized as:

  1. Light Color Roasts: These roasts are light brown in color and hold no oil on the surface of the bean. This is because these are not heated enough to get the oil break through the surface.
  2. Medium Color Roasts: These roasts are medium brown in color characterized by a strong flavor and a non-oily surface. These roasts are preferred in United States of America and therefore, these are commonly known as American Roast.maxresdefault (1)
  3. Medium Dark Roasts: These roasts are dark and rich in color with a strong smell. There is oil on the surface of a bean with a slight bittersweet aftertaste.
  4. Dark Roasts: This roast produces dark shiny black beans with oil on the surface and a striking bitterness. It is to be noted that the darker the roast is the lesser will be the acidity in the coffee beverages.

Thus, these are the kinds of roasts that produce different types of coffee beans. One must be cautious while selecting the beans as the taste of the coffee varies with the duration of a roasting process. The more the heating the darker will be the color of the bean and the more it will be in bitter in taste.