How Coffee Roasting in Australia Compares to the Rest of the World


Italy, Unites States and many more other countries have been greatly influenced by the culture of coffee, but in the past few years one name has shown a great trend towards the coffee vulture i.e. Australia. Australia has been greatly turned itself towards the coffee culture. It started in the late 1950’s when coffee began to dig itself in Australia but by the late 80’s coffee rooted itself deeply in every single home of Australia and by the ending of 90’s the Gold Standard of the Espresso became the standard quality mark for the coffee cafes and coffee shops all over in Australia. More over Australia is one of the countries which are the biggest consumers of the coffee in the whole world.

It doesn’t matters when you are in Australia you need not to search for the quality of espresso; simply you can go to the nearest café shop and enjoy the perfect taste of the espresso. Let us see some of the other coffee roasting facts of Australia compared to the rest of the worlds.


  1. There are nearly 6,700 café coffee shops in all over Australia from which approximately 96% of the coffee café shops are independently owned and operated by the owner itself.
  2. Starbucks one of the biggest names in the coffee industry failed to gain access in the Australian coffee market as the popularity of the independent stores was way more as compared to this foreign brand, whit one 22 store in Australia Starbucks failed to take over the coffee market of Australia.
  3. The registered training organizations have managed to give the nationality to the degree holders of the coffee experts in Australia; this is because the government understands the importance of these Baristas for the coffee market growth.
  4. The Espresso coffee has dominated the coffee market of Australian market same as Italy was influenced.
  5. Nearly 80% of the consumed coffee is the instant coffee. All the consumers of the coffee in Australia are addicted to drink the instant coffee they can’t even wait for someone to take more than 5 minutes to make them the espresso or the coffee. This has greatly affected the consumption ratios of the instant coffee; one of the major instant coffee brands that have taken over this market of Australia is
  6. The consumption rate of coffee as jumped up by 4 time in the last 50 years. The per capita consumption of coffee 50 years back was just 1.2 kg per capita but now in 2015 It was calculated to be 4.5 kg per capita, where as there has been a greater effect on the tea industry where the total per capita consumption of tea 50 years back was 1.2 kg, now it has reduced to only 0.5 kg per capita throughout Australia.
  7. The coffee beverage Flat White was invented by the Australians and now this invention is one of the popular beverages amongst all the coffee lovers around the whole world.